A large business organization consists of thousands of people, each with his or her own role. In smaller businesses and in families, however, each person must manage multiple roles and responsibilities. Nevertheless, the range of roles and their attendant responsibilities remain substantially similar across organizations of all sizes.

The professionals at The O'Neill Company specializes in assisting those organizations - businesses and families--in which people must fulfill these multiple roles. Its professionals therefore focus on providing a truly comprehensive approach based on integrated rather than compartmentalized tasks and functions.

Through its profoundly cost-effective approach, The O'Neill Company offers to these organizations all of the financial services and products that have been historically available to multinational corporations and their employees - from benefits outsourcing to financial and retirement planning to Supplemental Enhanced Retirement Plans - potentially at a fraction of the cost. 


"The O'Neill Company has been providing us with the strategic analysis, design, implementation, and servicing of all our benefits - our 401(k) plan, Supplemental Enhanced Retirement Plans, personal wealth creation planning - everything except our employee health insurance. When we finally did ask them to analyze our health insurance plan, they immediately saved us $67,000 a year in premiums. Furthermore, they actually improved our plan and all without changing our insurer. That's just one example of how The O'Neill Company has consistently added tremendous value for our company."

Leonard Gregory, President and CEO, California Turf

Quotes do not stem from any experiences related to fee-based investment advisory services

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