95% of all Americans alive today will reach retirement age with less money than they need to retire comfortably. 75% will retire with less than half of this amount. (source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.) The genesis of this gloomy situation is simple: the great majority of these people failed to plan adequately for their financial futures. Providing for your own financial future requires much more than just a pension plan and good intentions--it demands professional planning.

Without adequate planning, the future can become a financial nightmare. In order to help reduce the risks to you from such a scenario--and because so many variables can affect your long-range financial objectives and success--The professionals at The O'Neill Company follow a practice of close and careful asset management.

Even so, merely protecting your assets is not enough. At The O’Neill Company, we draw on many years of experience in helping our clients to maximize the accumulation of additional assets. We can design for you a hand-tailored asset management and wealth accumulation program with the objective of yielding optimum benefits, both immediately and in the future.

On request, we will be happy to do the same for any of your particularly-valued key employees.


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