Corporate Benefits

ARC Process Video --- ARC Brochure --- ARC Process --- ARC Sample

RISK Process Video --- RISK Brochure --- Addressing RISK --- RISK Sample

Life Assurance 360 Brochure --- LA360 Overview --- LA360 Questionnaire --- LA360 Sample

Investment Goal Analysis

Economic Outlook 2018 (February 2018)

Economic Outlook 2017 (March 2017)

ValMark Economic Interview (October 2016)

Economic Outlook 2016 Interview (October 2016)

Economic Outlook 2016 Interview (February 2016)

Economic Outlook 2015 Interview (August 2015)

Economic Outlook 2015 Interview (December 2014)

Economic Outlook Interview 2012

Fox Radio Interview (December 2012)

Pasadena Star News: A Glimpse of the Road Ahead

Markets tumble as nation's unemployment rate rises for first time in nearly a year

Estate and Gift Tax Changes Under 2010 Tax Act

Engineering Financial and Economic Security for Multiple Generations:
Narrative & Lump Sum vs Benefit Focused Overview

A Global Economic Outlook: Shaping the Future 2009 --- Conference MP3 audio --- Forum Facts

Master Plan: Selling Your Business in the 21st Century

Selling Your Business in the 21st Century (Commentary)

Capital Transfer: Influential Advice An Economic Truth

Diversification The Single Most Misunderstood Concept: Risk Reduction vs. Surety of Outcome

KFWB Radio Interview 2010 (MP3 audio)

Preserving Wealth for Generations

Treasury on Housing 2008

Life Insurance as an Asset Class

Life Insurance Design Questionaire

Bilit for Trust and Estates

Bilit Charts

A Cross Purchase Agreement

A Stock Redemption Agreement

The 8 Basics of Buy and Sell Agreement

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