Historically, we've been taxed on our income, on our savings, on many of our purchases, and, finally, on the transfer of our accumulated wealth. If you fail to do comprehensive estate and wealth preservation planning, when you die the federal government can tax your assets at a rate of up to 60%. Without this careful advance planning, your heirs may have to give up a substantial portion of their inheritances to Uncle Sam.

The O'Neill Company's wealth preservation specialist can design for you and your family a customized wealth preservation plan that can effectively reduce your estate taxes to zero. Furthermore, we can craft and implement a plan that can not only preserve your assets after your death, but can dramatically increase the amount of inheritance your children and grandchildren may receive. Using these cutting-edge planning techniques, we can arrange for assets to remain entirely outside the transfer tax system for the next 80 to 125 years.

At your request, our wealth preservation planning services can also be provided as a benefit to your highly-valued key employees.

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