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This page contains the entire contents of Terry R. O'Neill's book, "The Life Insurance Kit...The Truth About Life Insurance." Each chapter is a seperate PDF file except where noted. (We recommend a broadband connection for downloading these files. We also suggest that the files be set to 100% in Acrobat Reader for the best legibility.)

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PART ONE: The Truth About Buying Life Insurance
    Chapter 1. The Nine Most Important Facts About Life Insurance (1mb)
    Chapter 2. Finding a Good Agent (1mb)
    Chapter 3. Making the Most of the Initial Interview (1.3mb)
    Chapter 4. Choosing the Right Type of Policy
  Part 1 (1.5mb)
  Part 2 (1.6mb)
  Part 3 (2.6mb)
    Chapter 5. Selecting the Best Companies (680k)
    Chapter 6. Making Your Decision (2mb)
    Chapter 7. Applying for Coverage (928k)
    Chapter 8. Recieving Your Policy (1.2mb)
PART TWO: Getting the Most from Life Insurance    
    Chapter 9. Examining and Improving Your Life Insurance Coverage   (1.4mb)
    Chapter 10. Reducing Your Future Premiums
    Chapter 11. Creating and Following Your Personal Financial Plan
  Part 1 (1.5mb)
  Part 2 (1.6mb)
    Chapter 12. Using Life Insurance for State-Of-The-Art Estate Planning   (2.6mb)
    Appendix Part 1 (1.2mb)
    Appendix Part 2 (580k)
    Index (272k)

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